View the photo gallery of BBFM Engineers Dormitory and Barracks projects below. Project name is included in the photo captions.

Click on images to view larger.

We have completed many other Dormitory & Barracks projects, including: 

  • Denali Ranger Dormitory Wall Inspection, Denali National Park
  • UAA MAC Housing Stair Repair, Anchorage
  • UAS Banfield Hall Renovation, Juneau
  • ASRC 200 Man Camp, Deadhorse
  • AKNG Barracks, Barrow
  • McMurdo Station Dorm B210 Remodel, Antarctica
  • AVTEC Dorm, Seward
  • NPS King Salmon Dormitory, King Salmon
  • Dormitory, Independence Mine, Hatcher Pass
  • ELM 276 AFB Dormitory, JBER
  • FTR 269B Barracks, JBER
  • FTR 196 Barracks, JBER
  • FTR 265 Warrior in Transition Barracks, JBER
  • FTW 336 Barracks, Ft. Wainwright
  • FTW 340 Barracks, Ft. Wainwright
  • FTW 284 Barracks Bracing, Ft. Wainwright
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